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    Create Type Area But Illustrator Only Places Text on First Line

    keithdvo Level 1

      I created a rectangle and then used the Type Area tool to convert it. When I start typing, the cursor gets to the end of the line but instead of moving down to the next line, it keeps typing over the first line over and over again. I can type 4000 words and they all just keep typing over what was already there. The cursor returns to the beginning of the line rather than going down to a new line.


      I thought I knew how to do this, but I have no idea what's wrong or how to fix. I have not rebooted yet, but I just launched Illustrator, so if I can't even get one type entry off before having to reboot, that's a problem!


      Now, the computer itself (Mac Pro with OS X 10.5.7) has been running a few days without a problem. I can't really reboot at the moment because of some other tasks I'm doing, and I should probably know better than posting before rebooting, but seriously, this is the first time I've launched Illustrator in a couple weeks, so I there's not something in RAM from an earlier crash. And I haven't been doing anything too demanding since I turned on my computer a few days ago, mostly email and surfing.


      Has anyone encountered this before, or am I really stuck with rebooting and hoping?


      My thanks for any help,



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          keithdvo Level 1

          SERIOUSLY annoying, and I'm sorry I posted now. I did end up shutting down Illustrator. I was going to work on some other things and then come back and try any suggestions. However, I couldn't resist trying to play around. I relaunched it and everything is working fine.


          Still, that the app corrupted type functionality in the first few minutes after being launched seems disconcerting.


          My regrets for posting in haste.