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    Editing FMR in Captivate 4

    FlashTapper Level 1

      I'll make this quick and easy...Is there any way to edit FMR recordings inside CP4? Be very useful to have a video editing mode (like camtasia has within its program - to edit frames within SWF files). There are some start and end bits that I would like to "cut" from my recordings.


      Upon checking out the Captivate help files - I came across a FMR editor for Captivate 3 movies. Unfortunately (and predictably) it did not work with CP4 generated swf files.


      is there any way to edit these movies within CP4 or an add-on application?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          In Captivate 4 try right-clicking the Full Motion clip on the slide. Choose Find in Library. This should show you where the clip is in the library. Right-click the clip in the Library and choose Edit with FMReditor.


          Cheers... Rick



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            macrofireball Level 3

            Hey there,


            In addition to Rick's excellent suggestion. Once you have edited your FMR, make a note of the new duration of the video footage. Adobe Captivate does not automatically adjust the length of your existing FMR object on the Timeline, so you will need to enter a new timing value in the Options Tab of the Animation dialog.




            Best - Mark


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              FlashTapper Level 1

              Thanks for the tip!


              I have another issue that may be related. Not sure if my file is corrupt as I'm accessing this app from an educational network but as soon as I give my FMR a new timecode (after editing it). I play it back once or twice it seems ok. Then I play it back one more time on the timeline and I am confronted by empty white space about halfway through the clip!


              Worse happens. Then my entire clips start to disappear from my cp files!




              Am trying to get to the bottom of this problem and narrow down the assumptions. But I believe it has something to do with using the FMR editor.

              Does captivate need a big scratch disk to store temporary files? (if it does i think mine is directed to a drive with limited space).


              Thank you

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                macrofireball Level 3

                Hi FlashTapper,


                Are you saying that you are trying to run Captivate across a network? If so, please do not do this. Captivate is not designed to function in this way and is easiest way to corrupt your CP files. Instead Captivate should be installed and run via a local machine. Since it would appear that you are running Captivate 4 you should be able to recover your file from the .bak file that by default CP will create when you save your file.


                Best - Mark


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