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    Flex and ColdFusion on Shared Server

    halodev Level 1
      Good afternoon all,

      So I, like many here I would guess, have been using CF for a while now and I am very interested in what Flex can do. I have used the CF Adapter several times now with great success on my LOCAL Dev box, but when I upload it to my web server (hosted by Host My Site) it does not run. Instead it throws an error spouting somrthing about a flexgateway.

      So what I was hoping someone could tell me is this something my Host just may not support or is there something I am not doing in my Flex Project setup that I need to be doing? I was under the impression to run a simple Flex App you did not need anything special on the server end except the flash 9 player.

      When I use Flex and the CF Adapter I simply follow the steps to create what I need. I do not use the "login" portion of it so I uncheck that option. Other than that I use all of the default settings.

      And in regards to my web host, I do have another Flex app up that works perfectly, but it does not use CFC to populate data from a database like I am trying to do now.

      I have searched for many many hours now for a simple answer to this question with no luck.

      Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated.