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    Good Flex video player component? (commercial or free)


      I am having trouble finding a good Flex video component with controls and full-screen capability.   I realize that Flex gives me all of the tools that I would need to create such a thing, but it looks like a fair amount of work to put together a decent player from scratch and I just assumed that there must be some options out there.


      The only actual Flex component that I've found is the FXVideo player (http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?event=extensionDetail&extid=1515518) open source example from Adobe.  However it is a little primitive, lacks full screen controls, and is a little flakey.


      Of the commercial options, none seem to have a real Flex API - e.g. the longtailvideo.com and flowplayer.org options look good but it's not clear to me how I would use them from Flex.  the Longtail player has a page describing how to embed the player in a Flex app using the compiled SWF and SWFLoader, however this is both unappealing and doesn't seem to work, or at least I couldn't get it to work at all.


      Am I missing something?  Does everyone really create their own player based on FXVideo or something?





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          Hi Pat,


          no idea how the others are doing it. But I just wrote a videoplayer. Actually with the new spark components its not a writing at all. You just write the skins. So it took me about 15min to write the plain player. Which i think is pretty short. The skinning was the bigger issues because I havent had the experience with Flex 4 yet. So yeah I would recommend you to search for a nice videoplayer skin you like and just use the default one in Flex. There is/was an issue with the fullscreen. I think its already fixed on the latest night builds, but I am not sure. Anyway its really really simple to build up a videoplayer (I just assume now u just wanna play flv/f4v files)


          Regards Nicolas

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            patniemeyer Level 1

            So, you're saying that the Flex 4 / Sparc component is more of a full fledged video player (with controls, etc.) as opposed to the Flex 3 Video component, which was just a raw video frame without controls, etc.?


            That is good news, although I'm not sure I can get on board with Flex 4 just yet.  I'll check it out.


            Am I making too big an issue of the time involved in creating a player from the Flex 3 component?  I'm looking for standard player and scrubbing controls, full screen controls, and eventually subtitles from SRT files.





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              Nick_Hann Level 1

              just check the api for it.


              The one I did was just this:



              <s:VideoPlayer id="aspPlayer" enabled="true" skinClass="skin.video.VideoPlayerSkin" width="400" height="300"

              maintainAspectRatio="false" metadataReceived="aspPlayer_metadataReceivedHandler(event)"

              horizontalCenter="0" verticalCenter="0" autoPlay="false"/>


              and there it was done. The rest as I said was skinning. But the new spark elements look already very fancy. The nice thing is u dont need to deal with building up all again.


              So in the end ur stuff looks like that:


              Video Element (skin veSkin)



              -Videoelement        (no skin because base element)

              -Scrubbar               (VideoPlayerScrubBar - skin sbSkin)

              -playPauseButton   (Toggle Button - skin ppbSkin)

              -FullScreenButton   (Button - skin fsbSkin)

              - ...



              - track          (Button - skin tSkin)

              - thumb        (Button - skin thSkin)




              and so on.... The handling is already inside like the full screen scrubbing and so on

              In the api there is written which skin part is needed and which one u can leave away.

              For example on the videoplayer all besides the videoelement are not requiret.


              So if I were you I would invest the time in learning some of the new Flex 4 instead of wasting your time with a flex 3 player. What I dont know so is how to deal with the SRT files but I guess u can search the net for it


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                Nick_Hann Level 1

                Hi Muzak,


                just a short question that is a player to play videos on html pages or? I might missunderstood because in my case i needed it inside a Flash side.

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                  patniemeyer Level 1

                  Thanks for these pointers, this sounds right, but can you clarify a few things for me -


                  What is the relationship of the OpenVideoPlayer project to the OpenMediaFramework project?


                  I was able to try the examples in the open video project, but they do not seem to be full fledged players... only technology demos of components doing streaming, etc.  Am I missing something?


                  I was not able to get the Open Media Framework example running yet... I think that it requires Flash 10.  But I don't see any promising example names...  just CompositionPlayer.


                  (Also, just out of curiosity, why are the examples owned by Akamai?)



                  To reiterate, what I'm desperately looking for is just a Flex video player with basic controls and full screen...  possibly subtitles at some point.   I just can't believe that with all of the thousands of flash video players out there that none exist that can be used from Flex...  I'm willing to pay for a commercial version if necessary.





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                    rfrishbe Level 3

                    I think the Flex 4 video player component is really what you want, but it does require upgrading to Flex 4.


                    Another option is to use the FLVPlayback component and drop it in to Flex.  The FLVPlayback component has a few different skins that it ships with and should support most of the functionality you need.  Please check out: http://www.flashcomguru.com/index.cfm/2009/1/15/FLVPlayback-2_5-component-in-Flex for how to bring it in to Flex.  Technically you could bring in just about any Flash video component in to Flex this way (add it to a UIComponent and drop that UIComponent in Flex).


                    Hope that helps,


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                      patniemeyer Level 1

                      Thanks for this info.  For other's reference, the example shows how to drop the flash FLVPlayback component lib into your flex (or Air) application and use it from actionscript.   I found a similar article with more explanation on where to find the lib or FLVPlayback source in CS3 here:  http://yourpalmark.com/2008/04/30/flvplayback-directly-in-flex/ .


                      The issues I encountered were:


                      1) had to target Flash 10... just a property change in the project prefs.


                      2) having the FLVPlayback_2.5.swc from the example in my libs dir breaks the designer mode in FB3.  I'm not sure why.  It gives a warning that it can't load the SWC and (even though it's not referenced anywhere in the MXML) it fails to render the layout properly.   I'm hoping that if I build FLVPlayback from source in my flex project maybe that will go away.


                      So now that I see that I can utilize flash components from Flex in this way I'm wondering how hard it woudl be to incorporate a more sophisticated player like FlowPlayer, which is open source into my Air app using the same technique.