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    Popup Topics bigger than Help window

    Tech Writer KC Level 1

      I am trying to include some screenshots in our help. These images are bigger (i.e. wider) than our help window, and my hope was to create popup links that would allow viewers to see an entire image in a popup window. No need to scroll to see the whole image, no need to manually resize their help window, no need for us to change the default size settings.

      The issue is that popups wider than the help window end up looking more like expandable drop down sections than actual popups, including the right side being cut off by the main help windows narrower dimensions.

      Am I missing something, or is there a way of making popups that are larger than the main help window they're opening from?

      I'm a RH7 user, and the specific option I'm trying to use is Insert | Hyperlink/Popup, and using the "Display in custom-sized popup" option (the auto-sizing popup option won't auto-size to display the full image).

      Our screenshots, btw, aren't full desktop screens, just application screens that are larger than our desired help window size. Due to the amount of fields and text, re-sizing them to be smaller isn't really desirable.