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    Can't Add Transitions/All Clips Stacked in one Box in Sceneline




      I'm a total newbie with Premier Elements 7, but I'm about ready to throw a brick through my monitor.


      I'm in Sceneline, and when I drag clips, they all get stacked on top of one another in the left box.  I can't add transitions (I can find them, but when i drag them onto the transition arrows nothing happens).


      What is the trick to dragging clips into new entries on the Sceneline?


      Thanks in advance!



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          Paul_LS Level 4

          The audio format (stereo or 5.1 surround sound) of your video does not match the audio format of the project preset you selected. In Timeline mode the first three tracks are reserved for the audio format determined by the project preset. If you use another audio format it will be placed on track 4. When this happens you can not see the clips in Sceneline mode... they are stacked as you are seeing.

          Solution is to either use Timeline mode or if you wish to use Sceneline mode you have to use the correct project preset. HOWEVER... PE7 only supports 5.1 audio in AVCHD high definition projects... so if you have standard definition with 5.1 audio you have no choice other than to use Timeline mode. If you want to do any serious editing you will really need to use this mode anyway.