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    AME flv output with small dimensions = poor quality


      I am crop and sizing some clips in AME. My source content is 1920 x 1080. I have been encoding some stuff 448x288 and getting fantastic results. I am now working on some little guys that are 176x176, these look really bad both in the preview and finished product.


      My edit fills the original source top to bottom and I'm cropping the sides to achieve the desired proportions. I then go to output and set drop down to resize to fit, and view it at 100%, doesn't look very good (same on output). I check resize video and set my desired size. Any way to improve this, they are so small it seems like they should look good considering what I'm starting with. There must be something I'm overlooking?



      looks good I make my crop


      Set my output it doesn't look so good




      My settings