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    P2 Audio render & replace yields mono .wav file


      I import some P2 footage (shot with an HVX200) and use the source channel mappings

      to map audio channels 1 and 2 to stereo and disable channels 3 and 4.  My sequence

      uses the DVCPROHD P2 720p preset with the frame rate set to 29.92 fps.  I

      then place a clip into the sequence.  Because of the source channel mapping a

      new stereo audio track is automatically created (Audio 5) and the audio from the

      clip goes into Audio 5, not Audio 1 through 4 (because they are mono).


      All is good so far and I can edit and export to my hearts content.


      However, I recently wanted to use Soundbooth to make some adjustments to the

      audio.  When I right click and select Edit in Soundbooth, Render and Replace I

      end up with a mono clip in Soundbooth.  Also the rendered clip that Premiere

      adds to the project has only a left channel.  However, the sequence itself

      seems to still have a stereo clip as evidenced by viewing the clip in the

      source monitor.  I cannot figure out how to get Premiere to render a stereo .wav

      file with both left and right source channels and pump it out to Soundbooth.


      Premiere Pro 4.1.0

      Windows XP SP2

      Dual 3Ghz dual core Xeons

      3 GB RAM

      Tyan Tempest i5000XT MB

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Since this is PrPro CS4.1, it should have been posted to the Premiere Pro sub-forum, as this one is for Premiere, prior to Pro. This is a new change in the forum structure, and all of us are still working through it.


          Now, let's see if we can get you to editing.


          Does the Audio Track, AT 5, have the stereo speaker icons, or just a single speaker icon? From your description, it should be the stereo speaker icon. You can also go into Audio Mixer and check out the signal, or Dbl-click on the Audio Clip to view it in the Source Monitor.


          Since Edit in SB is not doing what you and I think it should do, I'd bypass that, and just do an Export>Audio Only through AME (Adobe Media Encoder), as a PCM/WAV file. Open that in SB and edit, as is required. Do a Save_As (keeping your original Export file for safety) and then Import that edited Audio file into PrPro. Place it as is required on the proper type of Audio Track. Go to Audio Mixer and just Mute the old Audio Track. That should handle it fine.


          If you do have a mono file, you can create a dual-mono (not exactly the same as a stereo file, but similar), with Fill-Left, or Fill-Right. Still, from your description, you should have a stereo file and why SB is not seeing it as such is puzzling. Still, if you can get to editing, you can probably sort that part out, when you have time.


          Good luck,



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            gvwalsh Level 1

            Thanks for the AME suggestion.  This workaround does get the stereo data into SB

            and I am able to accomplish what I need to do.


            However, it is not as convenient as the Render and Replace method so it would

            be nice to know if there is a more direct workaround or a way to make the

            intended functionality work.


            It does appear that there is some sort of bug in the Render and Replace Audio functionality

            in the situation where the source is a P2 clip that has had Stereo Source Channel Mapping

            applied to it.


            In answer to your questions about the Audio 5 track...it does have the stereo speaker icon

            along with L and R.  The data is in fact stereo since the left and right channels are not

            identical.  However, If I right click and do the render and replace, the rendered clip

            (named ..."Audio Extracted...") which is added to the project is a stereo clip that displays

            only left channel data when I view it in the source monitor.  There is a right channel

            but it contains silence.


            Even stranger, the rendered file that is the representation on disk is in fact mono,

            not stereo. That is why SB shows only mono data and presumably why Premier

            displays non silent data only in the left channel.


            There does not appear to be anything wrong with SB, just the Render and Replace

            functionality in Premiere.


            It sounds like I should submit a bug report....What is the best way to do that?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Bug Report/Feature Request link.


              Several users, who stop by here, use P2 media, and may have either some confirmation of what you're seeing, or some suggestions that might help.


              Good luck,



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                Colin Brougham Level 6

                Hmmm... while definitely not convenient, I really wouldn't classify this as a bug. Just because you're telling Premiere to interpret those two (or four) mono tracks as one stereo track doesn't mean that it's actually creating a stereo track. All the software is doing is piping Mono Track #1 into the left channel and Mono Track #2 into the right channel of a "fake" stereo clip. As long as you stay within the Premiere environment, you're fine--you can edit the "fake" clip as though it were a "real" stereo clip. However, when you initiate the Render and Replace command on that "fake" stereo clip, it's actually pointing at two mono files, and thus gets confused. It takes the first clip it finds (ie. Mono Track #1) and sends it along to Soundbooth. The command just doesn't know how to stitch two mono tracks into the left and right channel of a stereo file. Yes, this is unexpected and undesired behavior, but I don't think it's a bug. However, as Bill pointed out, this is an excellent feature request.


                For what it's worth, there are some other oddities when dealing with the audio in P2 clips. For example, when trying to match frame to an audio track other than Mono #1, Mono #1 is always loaded up in the Source Monitor instead of the audio track you want. Also, when doing a Replace edit (dragging from the source monitor or bin with Alt held down), Mono #1 always gets edited into the sequence, regardless of how you have your source and destination tracks mapped and targeted. It can be a little frustrating to deal with.