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    Problems with rounded edges when editing pictures

    Pete-1967 Level 1

      Hi there,

      I have a question which has been driving me crazy and being new to Fireworks probably isn't helping.

      Anyway here go's; All I want to do is have an image that has curved edges with a thin lined border that then has to have a transparent background to go and a web page that background colour is dark.

      I have given up useing the rounded rectangle tool as I need to be able to specify the roundness and this option only appears in the properties menu when using a normal rectangle.

      I import an image the draw a rectangle round it, I then specify the % of roundness I want then cut and paste inside after asigning a line width of 2.

      I then export as a giff ensuring I have set index transparency however when I insert this into my webpage the corners are slightly pixilated and uneven showing some of the white background, this is a problem as my background is dark.


      Can anyone shine some light on this very frustrating problem please?


      Thanks Pete.

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          pixlor Level 4

          When you want to export a .gif image with transparency, you need to set a color - just one - to be transparent.


          Since the curved edges of the rounded rectangle are anti-aliased, you won't get a good result using a transparent canvas. What you can do is set your canvas to match your Web page background, then choose that color to be transparent when you export.


          Use File>Image Preview to set the export parameters. (You want to export your Web graphics, you do not want to "Save As." ) Select GIF from the upper drop down list. Below is a set of controls for transparency. Select Index Transparecy and use the dropper tool to sample from one of your corners.


          If you export in the GIF format, you have 256 colors, total, for your image. If you have a photograph, the result may not be satisfactory. If you have a photograph, you should use the JPEG format. This will only work, however, if your Web page background is a solid color.

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            Pete-1967 Level 1

            Hi there,

            Thanks very much for that it worked a treat changing the back colour to match that of the webpage and yes I am keeping the webpage a solid colour to make this work.

            Thank you again.