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    form responses via acrobat.com recieved date problem


      Hello, I need to organize a registration for an event and I'm using forms and acrobat.com to collect responses.


      The point is that the number of participants is limited (only 500 people can participate) so I'm planning to export the responses to excel file and sort by the response recieve time.


      When I open the responses window in acrobat pro and get the responses from  acrobat.com, the responce recieve date shows the time i downloasded the response from acrobat.com, not the time a person posted it, so I can not tell for sure who sent the response first.


      is there any way to know the time the person posted it to the server?


      I also thought of inserting an invisible field to the form that would contain the date and time person submitted it, but I faced a problem  that someone could change time on their computer, so the form would tell it was posted earlier than it really was.

      Is there any tool that would look up true time and date on the internet and insert it into a form?


      Please help, I need launch the form in 2 days