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    Spark: SimpleMotionPath compiler error

    Nick Kuh Level 1

      I'm attempting to compile my Flex Gumbo project against recent nightly Flex SDK builds and am getting the following compiler error:


      SimpleMotionPath is defined more than once in this namespace          Remove the mapping to spark.effects.animation:SimpleMotionPath or spark.effects:SimpleMotionPath


      This is occuring with builds 8909 and 8974 - these are the ones I've tested with.


      Any suggestions on the cause as I'm not using SimpleMotionPath class anywhere in my code base. I am using custom FXG spark skins though...

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          Chet Haase Level 3

          SimpleMotionPath moved packages to spark.effects.animation back around the Beta release time in June. It seems like your skins were perhaps built using the former sdk and you're now trying to build your project with these outdated skins.


          It's not clear to me whether you just have outdated builds for these skins (in which case I would think a 'clean' would suffice) or whether there's actually source in the skins that refers to the wrong package. Regardless, you might want to search your skins for references to SimpleMotionPath to make sure the imports are correct.



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            Nick Kuh Level 1

            Hi Chet


            It turned out the the out of date classpath to the SimpleMotionPath was referenced by one of the effects SWC libraries I'm utilizing.