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    Need help with Page-Flip effect - working with bitmap and Matrix

    IlyaG Level 1

      Hi, I am trying to build page-flip effect according to this tutorial: http://demo.quietlyscheming.com/book/walkthrough.html


      I don't wont to download open source, just wont to do it by my self... So I have few questions:


      1) How can I create bitmap component from Canvas or Image?

      2) How can I create a polygon and fill it with Bitmap?

      3) Can you tell me with what degree I have to rotate the Bitmap so it will be fine? This is what I been trying to do:

      public function rotate(D:Point):void
                  const UNKNOWN:uint=0;
                  var B:Point = new Point(this.x+this.width,this.y);
                  var G:Point = new Point(this.x,UNKNOWN);
                  var m:Number = (B.y-D.y)/(B.x-D.x)
                  var c:Number = B.y-m*B.x;
                  var GB:Number = Math.sqrt( (G.y-B.y)*(G.y-B.y)+(G.x-B.x)*(G.x-B.x) );
                  var EB:Number = this.width;
                  var EGB:Number = Math.asin(EB/GB);
                  var EBG:Number = 90-EGB/Math.PI*180;
                  var HDA:Number = 90-EBG*2;



      Look at the attached file, this is the diagram