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    Cairngorm Event Dispatcher

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      I am facing one issue w.r,to event handling. In our Application, We are trying to update Operation. For this, we will select the values from the datagrid and click “update” button, it will popup in the new TitleWindow to modify the values and save. While clicking the update button, we are dispatching a Cairngorm event which will send the primary key to the database and retrieve the particular record in an Object.


      We created an object in UtilModelLocator and save the retrieved value in this Object in “result” method in a corresponding Event's Command; the values are not populated in the TitleWindow. It seems that, the both operation (1. Update Event 2. TitleWindow) are running simultaneously. So, the title window is not updated with the new values since the event operation is also in progress.


      We would like to modify it as; the title window will get fired only after the event operation is done completely.


      Could you please suggest us any solution to handle this issue?