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    Bugs in CS4?


      I've only recently started using CS4 full time in the last 2 months or so. and I have to say my Flash has crashed more in these 2 months then previous versions in 2 years.


      Problems I've experiencing, Flash takes very long to start up initially. Sometimes I open a file and it just crashes, other times it tells me it can't find the file.

      Sometimes I'll be working on a file, even something simple as loading xml and Flash just crashes.


      I'm not happy with the new IDE. Have a look at the attached screenshot.

      My library disappeared.





      I'm also curious why has the help file been changed. I really enjoyed the old CS3 help file where quick access for packages etc were available. Now if you're not online you're stuck without the good old F1.


      Is it just me? Are other people having problems?



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          jendehaan Level 4

          Hi there,


          Have you updated to Flash 10.0.2 (Help > About Flash to check, and Help > Update to download updates)?  There are many performance issues addressed in that version. If you still experience the slow downs and/or crashes after updating, please let us know.



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            Unisda Level 1

            thanks Jen. I see I don't have the update.

            I usually let the Adobe updates happen automatically, something obviously kicked in.

            fingers crossed no more problems.

            Busy downloading now, if issues still persist I'll get back to you.