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    A crossfading dismay...

    Lame Tigrrrr Level 1

      At exactly this date: August 3, 2009, 9:00 pm in Philippine time, I had been facing a problem on how to make cross dissolve work in cut clips until I was able to read same problem posted in this forum. And the forum said the problem was already answered. Well, maybe, and maybe not. Because in my case, I don't have enough time to follow, or to understand that demonstration (a jpg file) suggested by one of the respondents. I wass amazed by the many effects and other things that Adobe Premiere can. But when it came to this stuff, I found your software a headache (pardon me, I'm short of English word stock so I might be picking the wrong words). There's a video editing software I have been using, it is called ULEAD. A very simple video editing software. So simple that it makes this (seemingly) complicated task in premiere too simple in ULEAD. Hey, guys, I don't want to hate premiere just because of this stuff. It's only a part of your very good software. But, please...ain't my plea too obvious? Hope you get me. Thank you.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Premiere Pro is professional software for trained professionals.  If you find the addition of a dissolve too difficult to figure out, it may be best to stick with the simpler consumer software (at least until you do have time to read the instructions for Premiere.)

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            Phil Griffith Level 2

            If you want a machine to make all of your editing decisions, then ulead is the one. If you want creative control of your work, then Premiere is the answer.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Unfortunately, there is no Adobe presence here - except for that little logo at the upper-left of the page - the Adobe one.


              We are all users here, trying to help others get the most out of their PrPro.


              From the sounds of it, I'd strongly suggest Ulead Movie Studio (is that the correct name?), or maybe PrElements. Both are designed as "big-button" programs, where the user has few decisions to make. Pretty much hit the right button and the program takes care of the rest. CyberLink's PowerDirector, Magix Movie Edit Pro and some of the Sony Vegas products are similar, as is Pinnacle Studio.


              If you do not have the time to follow the instructions on Handles (likely your problem), you will never have the time to learn PrPro. It is definitely the wrong application for what you want to do.


              As there already is an "Easy" solution for you, in the Adobe product lineup, I feel that it will be highly unlikely that Adobe will make PrPro into a "big-button" program. At least I am hoping that they do not. I have both PrPro and PrE, and hate trying to edit in PrE, as it does not allow much control, other than hitting the right button.


              Good luck, and if you have Ulead, that will be far better for your use.



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                Lame Tigrrrr Level 1

                Jim Simon: you challenged me with your reply to my e-mail which I

                  received & read last night (Philippine time).


                  Phil Griffith: yours was an inspiration.


                  the_wine_snob: you just soothed�my headache this morning.


                  Well, Jim is correct. Premiere is for professionals. I am not a

                  professional &�it's not in my dream�to become one. But think of a

                  newbie doing like a pro--ain't that a BIG dif'rence? (Or maybe I'm

                  just imagining The Impossibles). And I want full control too of the

                  thing I am doing that's why I immediately shifted to Premiere. I

                  actually have been suggesting�my friends the use of Premiere long

                  time ago even if I haven't used it myself yet. Because just a

                  glance�to its user interface, one couldn't be mistaken to say it has

                  something big. But Premiere is like a stallion that could bring too

                  many headaches taming. But once you got the tricks, the rest may go



                  Yes, Premiere gave me too much headache yesterday aggravated by the

                  working environment...uh, well, it's not for you to care. But the

                  rewards is just too much enough to pay for the exasperations.



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