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    Export video without background?


      Hi everibody

      first sorry for my bad english... (if someone speack french or spanish: don't restrain!)

      I try to explain step by step:

      I made a 3D animation in poser, I exported this animation frame per frame in png cause I have to keep a transparent background AND transparency at certain part of the images.

      I imported all the png in premiere, classified by folders, I made my rushes according to the differents cameras vues, so I had different sequencies I had organise like a real film.

      I made my stuff, without background (so it render a black background) and I left a empty track to put later un background image I'll made in toshop. Before puting this background, I want to transform the complete composition in AE to give it a "drawing effect" or "cartoon effect" (I don't know how it's named in english, well a effect like some film as "Scanner Darkly" if you see...). I have to try the effect before, because the background will depend of the render of the effect....

      I import my premiere project in AE but there's to much element, because it imports as many frames as there's in my premiere project, but I just want to apply the effect to the complete sequence, and here, it means I'll have to apply to each image (that will be a real masochist action).

      You have to know that I never work on AE, so I really know don't imagine what it's possible to do on it;

      well, with that, I don't know what I have to do to have just one sequence without background to import in AE (cause it's impossible export a video without background, no?).

      I think to put a unified blue or green background, to keep of after in AE. But as I say before, I have parts of images with transparency, so if I put a blue backgroung for example, there's part on images that will become grey-blue, and I don't know if AE will erase all the blue (including the blue of grey-blue spaces)....

      I don't know what I have to do... I think it's a little beat complete to understand with my bad english, sorry... but please help!!!