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    Submitting HTML forms through Java servlet code


      Hi folks,


      I have a working Java servlet code to render, calculate and submit XDP templates as PDF forms using LiveCycle Forms ES, based on the samples found in the docs. I have to extend that code to allow rendering in HTML format (and possibly form guides in Flash in the near future). However, all the samples and discussions found so far are focused on PDF forms only, and I can't get my code to work properly.


      1. Probably it is FormsServiceClient.processFormSubmission() which needs special parameters to work, but I either get a "Content is not allowed in prolog" exception, or data originally submitted as application/x-www-form-urlencoded is returned unchanged with a content type of text/html.
      2. It doesn't matter which button (calculate or submit) I'm clicking on, FormsResult.getAction() is always 0.


      Do you have a sample code on processing submissions from HTML forms, or at least the required value for the environmentBuffer parameter of processFormSubmission?