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    Processing a form submission


      I have a dynamic pdf form that I'm trying to have invoke a process service via the soap endpoint.  In the process I'm taking the data from the form merging it with a template, reader extending it and mailing it to a person selected in the form.  My problem is I can't get the data from the form into the service.  In fact I can't even invoke the service from the form.  I was thinking that since I have some input process variables, when I do data connections in designer and connect to the service, I see the invoke operation, and select it, and I then see my input variables, bind them to the form fields, and pass the form data in as a parameter.  I've tried different datatypes, but nothing is working.  My question is what exactly are the steps to get data from a pdf form submitted outside of workspace, to invoke a process using that data?  Should I be using a document type variable, or xml?  Any help is appreciated.

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          wasi26 Level 1

          Does anyone know the answer to this?  Or know where I can find information on how to accomplish this?

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            Answered my own question.  I went about it a round about way, but what I ended up doing was, on the process side, changing my input parameters to both string, (previously one was string, one was xml.  The one that was string was being passed, the one that was xml was not.) and in the form bound both parameters to the form, then used some code to place the form xml into one of my string parameters.  Then on the process side I used the deserialize to convert the string into W3C DOM document.  Then the processed worked as intended.