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    Images within mouseover (hover) not included when compiling WebHelp Pro


      The starting page of my RoboHelp 7 project contains some mouseover (hover) functions. Those enclose buttons that change their layout when the mouse/pointer is hovered over. I used JavaScript and wrote it directly in the HTML code.


      The preview works fine. When the WebHelp Pro version is compiled, only the first images are copied to the respective folder. The underlying images, that are shown when hovering the mouse over the area, are missing. How can I make RoboHelp recognize those images when compiling? Do I have to index them somewhere?


      Sure, I could copy them in the folder structure (Then everything is displayed correct.) manually. But this is not convenient as I'm not the only programmer/designer and won't be the admin when the project will be online. So I need an automatted solution.