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    PDF form - returned empty


      I have designed a form with 18 questions - all questions are a "Agree or Disagree" or "Yes or No" - I have used radio buttons and tried to format them as an either or answer for each question.  When formatting - I did each question with a radio button for Agree and Disagree and then I did the right click on properties and wrap radio button so they would be exclusive.


      I have required the name and such be typed prior to electroncially submitting the form.    I have run several tests on this - the form submits fine but when I open up the form out of the 18 questions about 4 actually have the radio button selected - the rest of the questions are blank.


      What do I need to do so that each question shows up when submited as PDF electronically.   If you print the form before you send - it prints all of the answers but when you submit - and I receive the test  - like I said only a few of the questions actually have answers.


      Any help would be so appreciative as they would like to send this out quickly.