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    upgrades? Pricing


      How do you guys do?


      I own Design Premium CS3 and would like to upgrade to CS4.


      When I log on as a Danish person, the price are 6050 Dk (1162 $). 4840 DK without tax (929,86 $)

      If I choose USA as the country the price are 440 $




      That is completely nuts!


      Does that really mean being a Dane I have to pay more than double up for the same product??


      What do I do, or have do other people handle this? Is Denmark the only country with that problem?


      a VERY unhappy Dane

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This is not a licensing question, but yes costs in the EURO zone are higher due to costs, taxes, and of course what Adobe thinks the market will bear. Everytime an upgrade comes out people gripe about the cost outside of the US. Some people take a vacation in the US just to buy software. Just do not visit sites that offer US. Academic or student pricing, or your blood pressure will really go up.

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            Helle Level 1

            I must say that it is an outrageous policy and I do not understand that it is permissible to discriminate against people from Europe to that extent and certainly not when you only want to download products.

            We are talking not about a few percent price difference, but several hundred percent - it is simply a disgrace!

            Yes, adobe, you are making great software, but your policy is lagging far behind.


            Is there any way to shop online, possibly creating a new American profile?? Can this be done?