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    Illustrator 2 to illustrator 3 font wackiness (extra spaces inserted)

    badchess Level 2

      Using the banking font MICR (for account numbers on checks) I've noticed on more than one occasion when I open up a windows illustrator cs2 document on Illustrator 13.0.2, it will throw an extra space into an account number.


      I spotted it twice today (I just recently switched from version cs2 to cs3).  Both times an extra space was inserted after a zero.  When hidden characters are viewed, no space is indicated, but a space there is.


      This is not good.  Is there widespread font flow incapabilities between version cs2 and cs3, or is this more rare, caused by an absure TTF (MICR) font?


      I suppose aside from going back to CS2, or double checking every old order that I am doing there is no good fix.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I recommend you check your character panel's menu options for automated glyph substitution and that. AI may accidentally apply some of that logic to your font, even though the actual reason remains in the dark. also check, whether you used any custom kerning/ tracking in your CS2 files. It may simply be reset.



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            Skullmaker Level 3

            Hello Badchess,


            I am using CS3 and let me tell you that the versions is nothing but half done version. It is the worse version of Adobe.


            You will have to fix every single file because CS3 is full of bugs.


            CS2 is more reliable than CS3 and CS4 in many aspects.

            Since you are type setting checks with CS3, be aware that any Strokes under 0.12 point will look uneven.


            CS3 and CS4 will give extra anchor points when you outline a stroke (CS3 is worst than CS4)


            CS3 and CS4 have problems when it comes to text and spacing (specially in "Area Type") and when using Microprint.


            there is a hole list of what is wrong with these 2 versions, but for your work you have to double check every single file that you made in CS2. However, once you fixed the files and save them as CS3, the text wont move, or you will have extra spaces.


            FYI: Illustrator Team have not provide an update for almost 3 years.