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    Duplicating Component

    agreatheight Level 1
      I am building a calculator in Flash. I am using input and dynamic text boxes, a component called Calculate that I got from a tutorial (which I am assuming is a standard component) and a function called OnCalculate on my first frame. Everything works great, but now I am trying to add a little intro animation. I want the Calculate button to run a goto and play onRelease the first time a user clicks the Calculate button. So I am thinking the easiest way to do this is to duplicate the component and add an onRelease to it's code - then I can use the duplicated button in the beginning of the calculator to run the intro and the regular component in the rest. But when I duplicate the component, it changes the name on the duplicated component from Calculate to Push Button, and I cannot seem to figure out why, or where to change it back.

      Ideas? Other ways?