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    Zoom shortcut assigned to "Bind"? Are you kidding?

    mhunter Level 1

      Is someone at Adobe a sadistic jerk? Who uses Bind more than Zoom? Seems like yet another example of them just screwing us over because there are no other choices. Oh, you car key doesnt start your car anymore. You have to dance around your car, get in from the passenger seat, kiss the Adobe emblem, pat you head, whoop loudly and say, "Whatever your wish, my lord", then smack yourself in the face for ever doubting them, comforted in the fact that years down the road you will forget ever questioning their wisdom. Like the Easy Mode thing... I mean, it does start your car!


      BIND deserves "Z" more than Zoom? What other "Sweet" program uses M?

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          Quite a bit of sarcasm in this post, but it seems like you are unhappy with a keyboard shortcut in Flash?


          If so, the shortcuts are fully customizable.


          Go to Edit/Keyboard Shortcuts


          In there, click the first button to the right of the Current Set drop-down (Duplicate Set).  This will allow you to create your own set.


          From there, just find the shortcuts you want to change, change them, and click OK.

          (As an FYI - the Zoom tool as you call it, is actually called the Magnifier, and has always had the M shortcut as the default.  The secondary shortcut was Z, but it seems this was pre-empted by a new tool in CS4)

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            mhunter Level 1

            I appreciate you getting past my sarcasm to actually help out. I really do. I did figure it out, but is there really any logical reason to change that shortcut to BIND? Zoom starts with "Z", its right next to the Ctrl key, so I can keep one hand on the keyboard, one on the mouse... I have heard a lot of drawn out, seemingly logical explanations for Adobe changing things, but I cannot understand this. As with the changes PS made from one edition to another, I think there is some guy at Adobe, who had nothing else to do. If you met him at a party, he would be the one who says, "Yeah, I'm the one that changed that one command from the Edit menu to the Image menu" with a look of incredible satisfaction on his face...


            And remember, it the Zoom tool! I thought they were going to make things the same between the programs. Well, thats one thing they didnt have to touch!

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              pup500 Level 1


              Yes, we feel your pain.