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    Could not complete the command because of a program error

    Forest Ranch Steve

      I am running CS3 and for some reason, I get this error on many of the filter options. To reproduce:


      - load any picture - it does not matter what format I use

      - create a new layer by selecting the new layer icon at the bottom of the layers pallet

      - with the new layer selected, going to the menu item filter/blur/Gaussian Blur


      I have reset the preferences by pressing ctrl/alt/shift while bringing up Photoshop.


      I also have reinstalled (repaired) Photoshop.


      I've tried many different pictures with several formats (raw, .psd, .jpg) with no luck.


      Interestingly enough, the filter Lens Blur does come up with the screen.


      What am I doing wrong? This should not be rocket science.....