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    Problems with moire effect

    dswift743 Level 1

      I'm trying out a Canon XH A1, and having good luck in most cases.  But in one case I did an interview with a close up on the subject, and the moire effect on the subject's eyeglasses and the edge of her T-shirt are quite objectionable.  I'm shooting in SD 4::3 mode.  One question is why this happened in this particular shot, but my more pressing question to this forum is this: anything I can do about it in post?  Just curious.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Well, as all video pros know, there are certain patterns of shirts no one should ever wear on camera (pinstripes!) -- but I don't think that's what you're talking about here.


          Most likely you're just seeing an interlacing issue. This may only be an issue on your computer though. Before you panic, plug your camcorder into your TV and see if you see the same problem there.


          If it's not there, it won't likely be there in your final output either.

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            dswift743 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, Steve.  I'm filming and capturing furiously since I have the camera on rental, and I have paid attention to your post.  This is what I am noticing.  The image is perfect on the capture window, but when I play it back that's when I get the moire effect.  And no, it's not pin striped ***** and the like, but collars of shirts, roof lines, etc.  Rendering does little to improve this.  Hopefully this supports your theory that the final product will look like the captured product.  I sure hope so!


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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              As I said, Doug, you can't judge your final results by what you see on your computer. Computers and TV form their video frames differently, and video will often look a bit jaggy on a computer monitor.


              Have you tried plugging your camcorder directly into your TV to see if you get the same results?


              If it looks fine directly on the TV, it will look fine when you output it from Premiere Elements. Part of the beauty of working with miniDV is that Premiere Elements captures the video without changing it in any way (except breaking it into short AVIs).

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                dswift743 Level 1

                Steve, I was able to play some tape through the TV before shipping the camera back today.  The image was much better, much less breakup of the lines along the glasses, etc., but not nearly as good as when capturing the image originally into PE.  My TV's nothing special (old style, fat type), but it does get sharper images than these.  So I'm still disappointed.  I also took some clips and burned them to DVD out of PE then played them on the TV.  They looked the same as the images played on the TV from the camera. Not great.  Lots of distortion in the hair, in complicated fabric patterns, plant leaves, and so on.


                If I understand you correctly, if the images on the DV tape are as clear as I see them in the capture window (my computer has an LCD screen, in case that matters), and the images when I capture them are just gorgeous, that's how clear they are in PE.  Hmm.  And yet my burned DVD didn't come out so well.  (The setting was for best possible image.)


                I do see the detail in the capture window, but not from camera to TV.  Nor from PE to DVD to PE.  It seems like the camera did it's job.  Hard to figure where the detail goes.


                Well, if you have any more ideas, I'd sure appreciate them.  Thanks for your help so far,



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  This is a good camcorder, and I know of no reason this would happen. It clearly is not related to the camcorder or Premiere Elements.


                  If you'd like to post a sample clip to Vimeo or Muvipix and link to it from this forum so we could have a look, we could see for ourselves how bad things are. (I don't recommend posting to YouTube, because YouTube reduces your video's quality so much.)

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                    dswift743 Level 1



                    I've had a little epiphany with this.  In preparing to upload to Vimeo, I saved a clip to my computer and the result was atrocious.  This is when I began to consider the formats that PE was offering.  This first save was done in Adobe Flash Video.  Next I used the Windows Media format, and it was about the quality I have been complaining about.  I did upload this clip to Vimeo, and it can be seen here:  http://vimeo.com/5986126.


                    Then I saved it a third time in DV AVI format (which makes the most sense, I suppose), and the image was finally what I expected it should have been all along.  I can't upload this one to Vimeo because I've already exceeded my memory limit.


                    Still, there's the issue of burning to DVD from PE.  When I did this last night, the quality I got was about the same as this sample on Vimeo.


                    What have we learned?  Can't say I'm sure.


                    Thanks again.



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                      dswift743 Level 1

                      Here's the clip in DV AVI format.




                      When I burned it to DVD and played back on my set there is little rainbow distortions in the hair lines.  This upload doesn't look bad to me, though.


                      The bluring during movement of the subject's head is, I assume, because the shutter speed was 1/30.  Something I won't try again.