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    Massive file size

    Mariokroes Level 1

      I just finished remaking a file that has 3 artboards.

      It's a binder, so it has a front, spine (smaller) and a back.

      The elements are simple. Some gradients, some fonts with drop shadows, and 2 images. Nothing crazy.

      The two images are both around 2MB in itself.

      When I saved the document however, the total file size came out to be 42MB. That's not very server or sender-friendly.


      Anyone have any idea why?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Images are stored as uncompressed when embedded, even more so when they are part of the design and use clipping masks etc.. It then doesn't matter what their compressed size was. It should not matter, however - unless there is a specific reason to send editable data, people use PDFs without the Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities option and flattened transparencies for getting such things to the printer or have it approved by their bosses...



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            Mariokroes Level 1

            Taking out the editing capabilities definitely bumped it down 50%.


            My solution was to save it as a high quality print PDF.

            That took it down to about 3MB.


            Flattening the transparency left odd lines in the artwork. Don't know if I did it incorrectly.


            Either way. I am good now.

            Thanks for your input!

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              Skullmaker Level 3

              Looks like CS4 does not like to work with images. There are many posts with the same problem.

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                Tom Usrey Level 3

                if you to to Preferences and turn off anti-aliasing, do the "odd lines" go away? If so, then it's just a display thing.