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    Play & Pause Content & Sound in Flash

      Hi Everyone!

      I am a little new at this. I am just trying to find a good tutorial or some help on an issue I have. I will try to explain it in short but cover everything. Here it goes:

      I am creating a training site with Flash CS3 using AS 2. The way that this thing works is that it will run through roughly 20 mins of presentation and then have a quiz and then another 20 mins of presentation, so on and so forth. The presentation is also narrated.

      Now the problem I am having is this:
      I know how to Play & Pause Sound and I know how to Play & Pause the content in Flash, I just can't figure out how to do it together.

      Right now my presentation is made up with keyframes that are as long as the narration, but I can only pause either the sound, or the content.

      Would it be best if I turned the different sections into movie clips and pause & played it like that? Or can you point me in the right direction to a tutorial that would be similar??

      I hope you guys can help!! Thanks a lot in advance! This means a lot to me!!

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          DLMAES Level 1
          If you have the sound file embeded and placed in the same timeline as the presentation is being animated it should stop the sound.

          If this is the case, try setting the sync of your audio instance to "stream". Just click anywhere on the audio layer in the time line and change the setting in the properties dialog box.

          Let me know if that works.

          Hope this helps...