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    RepeatedBackground w/ Scaling

    Brent Lamborn Level 2

      I'm running into a bit of an issue trying to repeat a background across the entire visible area of a Flex app in the browser. First I am using Alex's method of enabling scaling in a Flex app which he outlines here:






      It works perfectly to scale our app. Then to do the repeated background, I use Degrafa like Doug McCune's example here:







      I have my application width and height set to 1024 x 768 respectively. What happens then, is that the background is repeated only over the 1024  x 768 area of the app, not the actual full visible are of the application which amounts to a lot of area on my 1680 x 1050 resolution monitor.


      I should also note that I cannot use wmode="transparent" in the HTML wrapper, since it causes scrolling issue in parts of our application.


      Anyone have ideas on how to repeat a background across an entire Flex app, that has scaling enabled without using wmode="transparent"?