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    Screen sharing in flex




      I am developing the video and audio chatting with desktop screen sharing. i have done video and audio chatting in flex and afcs.

      but screen sharing component is not available in afcs. so i am not able to do the screen sharing.


      i am searching lot about screen sharing to bring it into my application.

      but i am not able to do.


      is there anyway to implement the screen sharing in my application.


      please mention the ways to implement the screen sharing in flex application with site reference. i searched lot. i was very much disappointed. so



      pleaseeeeeee help me.

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          This is a feature that is exclusive to Adobe Connect - and isn't supported in the current Flash player or Flash frameworks (Flex/AIR) outside Connect.


          However, realizing this kind of feature is possible with Merapi http://www.merapiproject.net/ - using Java to do the screen capture and mouse movement. If you are looking for cut-and-paste code for a solution... I'm certain you're out of luck. There are some good libraries out there though that are worth looking at. For screen capture there is JxCapture http://www.teamdev.com/jxcapture/index.jsf mouse control can be easily accomplished with native OS calls using their JNIWrapper.


          If you are interested in a really low-res solution. Install VNC server on the machines you want to communicate with and use Flash VNC.


          A word of caution - this kind of solution isn't something that you want running in the sys tray or dock. Screen capture and mouse control present significant security risk...




          Rick Winscot

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            ScreenCamera SDK is definitily your best option here. It installs a camera on the system just like a regular webcam to which you can connect using Flex. ScreenCamera SDK remains completely invisibe to the end user so it looks like your app is doing all the video capture and recording and sharing.


            You can test it from here:



            I think this is the simplest more practical way to do what you want to do,