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    Action Sequences


      On the time line, there's an option for Action Sequences.

      What is that?

      How does it work?


      Thank you for your help.

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          Matt Cannizzaro

          When you create states, the timelines panel will automatically create timelines that are transitions between your states. These timelines will play whenever your application or component moves between states.


          An action sequence is just a timeline that is not tied to a state transition. To create an action sequence, use the interactions HUD. Look for the "Play Action Sequence" option. Once you've chosen this, an action sequence will be created in the timelines panel for you. You can use any of the effects that you would use in a state transition in an action sequence as well.

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            prisma7-IALD6z Level 1

            Thank you very much.

            I'll give it a try.