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    MP4V not supported on premier cs3?


      hi guys i just got a new sony t900 that takes hd vid. i took a bunch of great vids scuba divin and now want to edit them and im assuming that premier doesnt support mp4.  i put it into gspot and it says codec: mp4v . in the container it says this:

      MSNV: MPEG-4 (.MP4) for SonyPSP
      - mp42: MP4 v2 [ISO 14496-14]
      - isom: MP4  Base Media v1 [IS0 14496-12:2003]
      Recommended Display Size: 1280 x 720
      Created:  2009 Aug 01   13:03:02
      Modified:  2009 Aug 01   13:03:20

      anyway what are my options here? is tehre a codec i can put into adobe? i know you can convert but what is the best conversion software and what should i convert to?  sorry for basic questions but i was using windows movie maker b4 this just to show u what a noob i am. thanks in advance