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    Upload / Download Key Bindings


      Has anyone been able to get upload or download keybindings to function?  The point and click gets a bit tedious for me while doing remote development.

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          charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm with you, Cameron. No, I've looked. There's no reference to upload or download if you do a filter search in window>preferences>general>keys. It would be nice to be able to do the upload via a key. I will note, at least, that you can call up the synchronize tool, which may be more gross (all-encompassing) than you want.


          I've wondered if there was some way that CFB features (or the Aptana features under it) not listed in that Keys page could be added somehow.



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            Cameron.Jacobs Level 1

            Charlie -

            Yeah unfortunately I looked as well... if you look under the filter options there is a place you can uncheck hide uncategorized items.  Once I did that, I was able to find 4 items called "Upload..." yet none of them appear to work.  I have no idea what these are though.


            Yeah, I'm just attempting to duplicate the functionaly that I had in DreamWeaver... Ctrl-Shift-U.  I don't even care if the the command key is the same,  I can train my fingers, but with remote development dang I feel like I'm just constantly grabbing the mouse so I can hit upload.  Not to mention the couple times that I miss and accidently hit download (ooo that pisses me off), because of course I've turned the warning windows off...

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              charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Nifty point about the "unhide" under "filter". I've missed that. (Curious that it doesn't stay disabled across multiple visits to the preferences.)


              Yep, I tried those other upload options as well. No dice. What a shame.


              I did try still one more option: if we could get the Synchronize command to work with a keystroke, that may be better than nothing. When you call that up from the context menu while editing a file (versus on a project), it does offer just to sync/upload that one file. Sadly, I couldn't get the Synchronize command to respond to a shortcut (the one showing up in the default filter, and the one showing up when you use the "unhide" option above.)


              Let's hope someone from Adobe can step in on this one. You may want to at least file a bug/enhancement report. They've been great about responding to those.


              I'm totally with you on wanting a keyboard shortcut. It's especially frustrating since so many aspects of working in CFB  (Eclipse) have no corresponding menu command to choose.


              Of course, sometimes we can get the command off the context menu of the file we're editing. That's the case for the Synch command. And one may note that there's a key on many keyboards which calls up such a context menu (like clicking the right-mouse button). But curiously, I tried that just now, and while then typing "s" jumped to the "save" and "shift right" commands shown there, it would NOT jump to the Synchronize option at the bottom. That's odd.


              At least you can do the arrow keys to go up expand into the Synchronize. So it becomes menu key>up>up>right>enter to do a synch/upload. You could perhaps program an external keyboard mapping tool to do that, while you await Adobe to address this.



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                Cameron.Jacobs Level 1

                Yeah, that is definitely a start... I posted the enhancement request up on the bug tracker.  So we'll see

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                  charlie@carehart.org Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Good to hear.


                  BTW, I realized after writing that I missed something: when using the context menu key (if available on one's keyboard), there's no need to go to the synchronize>synchronize then enter. One can just go synchronize>upload. One less keystroke.


                  Curiously, I notice that when I do that, in the console view, it shows the tool doing a list of all the files in the root of the FTP site (even if I'm uploading a file in a subdirectory). That's odd.