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    Flash Builder hogging Memory

    KenichiM Level 1

      I have a fairly large project.  Using Flex Builder 3 the project consumed about 300 megs of memory (including JavaW.exe and Java.exe processes).  However using Flash Builder 4 (Gumbo.exe), the same project consumes about 700 megs of memory - and after some period of time I start to get Java null pointer exceptions in the IDE (seems to be associated with the code sense) and the OS starts the thrash. Any suggestions?


      Also I heard Beta 2 won't be out till the fall.  Could there be a pre-release version of beta 2 in the interim?  Reading the postings, it seems like some important bugs that would significanly improve the IDE experience have been made since beta 1. Fall seems a long time away especially if you're having to battles these memory problems frequently throughout each day.