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    subform1 overflowing in to subform2

      Hi i am new to lIVE cYCLE, and i am currently trying to design a simple form ,
      which has two subforms, and each subform just has as text field in it.
      subform S1
      SUBFORM S2
      I am doing all this in the design view of LC,
      SUBFORM s1 and S2 are dynamic, i mean they are supposed to expand or contarct based o the data in the xml 
      here comes my problem,
      i have placed the text_field "s1_text" and did "wrap in subform" and did the same for s2_text.
      but now s1 overflows in to s2
      i did checked :
      allow multiple lines,
      expand to fit (y)
      and also saved it as dynamic xml form,
      and also i have noted that 
      for subforms s1 and s2 
      the PAGINATION TAB is not highlighted
      and also the flow direction field is not highlighted.
      can anybody please help me to find out what is wrong in my approach.