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    Rollover buttons with unexpected results

      Hello Folks,

      I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction with a problem I'm having with rollover buttons.

      I've used Fireworks to create five rollover buttons with round corners onto a single transparent canvas. I've exported the images as gif and then pasted the relevant code into Dreamweaver.

      I'm getting two results that are puzzling me.

      1. The images are not being displayed with transparent backgrounds, as you can see at this url:
      http://www.magicalwonders.com/rollover/index2.html The corners are showing which is not what I want. I notice that there are four types of gif than can be exported when making rollovers. So far, I've tried using Gif adaptive 256 and Gif Websnap 256 with no success.

      2. The second puzzle is that including the javascript code seems to have increased the top margin for the background of the page. If you compare the page before any code is added, you can see the difference:

      Hope someone can advise

      Many thanks,