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    How can I stop the growth of the A3DRCache?

    Joe Burch Level 1

      Hi All,

      I know this is a new forum, but hopefully this is an easy one?


      Over time, disk space on our LiveCycle server has been eaten up by files in C:\Windows\Temp

      After some investigation, I see that most of the usage is in the A3DRCache directory. (C:\Windows\Temp\A3DRCache) There are also some smaller folders called saslPrep_XXXX (where "XXXX" is a 4 digit number)


      I imagine that Adobe 3D Reviewer uses these folders during conversions, but I would expect them to be deleted at the end of the conversion, or on a regular basis.

      Some of our conversions which LiveCycle is passed do not complete, if they reach the timeout value for our workflow. Perhaps it is in these cases that the temporary files don't get removed?


      Any suggestions on this subject would be most appreciated.



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          Joe Burch Level 1

          Since this thread has 893 views, and 0 replies, I'll post my own reply.

          During more than 1 year of using LiveCycle, the only way we have found to prevent LiveCycle from filling up our temp drive with A3DRCache data is to manually delete the contents of that directory (or to use a script).


          Most conversions do not leave data in this directory, however it appears that if a conversion times out without completing, or runs out of memory, (as frequently happens with Large CATIA V5 assemblies) the Cache data is left behind.

          This is my best guess, but I have not confirmed it.


          I hope this information is helpful!