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    CF BUILDER - setup and configuration issues

    Escaped Character

      Eclipse noob here, please bear with me.


      On my local dev box I'm running CF8 with the internal web server. Each local "site" is set up as a virtual directory from the jrun-web.xml file in C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\WEB-INF\.


      I've successfully configured CF Builder to see my local CF8 install which I can now see in the Servers view.


      I've also successfully set up a CF Builder Project in the web root.


      What I cannot seem to get working is setting up a CF Builder Project for any of the sites defined as virtual directories.


      Any help with that would be appreciated.




      So the actual question is, how do I configure a CF Builder Project so  that I can use the browser preview Views with sites defined as virtual  directories..?

      For example;

      System Path: C:\projects\clients\widgetcorp\siteroot\
      Local URL: http://localhost:8501/widgetcorp/

      When I attempt to use the browser preview View CF throws a missing  template error as follows;

      File not found: /index.cfm

      Looks like it's not configured for the /widgetcorp/ virtual directory..?


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