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    [Help] Touchscreen -> relatedObject from AIR-HTML Textinput (Google, Ebay, ...)




      im new here, and my english ist not so good. I'm from Germany. My Name ist Christian (Chrisz).


      I have a problem with the HTML Component from Adobe Air.


      I will make a virtual keyboard for a touchscreen Application in Adobe Air. I'm use the HTML Component from Adobe Air (Web Browser)

      The probleme, how can i write a text into a Webbrowser Textinput (Like Google (SearchInputField), or Ebay, Amazone, etc.) from a ButtonEvent ( Virtual Keyboard click)

      I can't identified Textinput's from the Browser.


      I try this :


      private function initApp():void
           this.addEventListener(FocusEvent.MOUSE_FOCUS_CHANGE, MouseFocusChange);
      private function MouseFocusChange(event:FocusEvent):void
           trace('relatedObject: ' + event.relatedObject.name);
           trace('currentTarget: ' + event.currentTarget.name);
           trace('Debug: ' + event.relatedObject);


      The Debug output (by click on the Google Search TextfieldInput) is :


      relatedObject: instance252
      currentTarget: ComInternet131
      Debug: [object Sprite] 


      Every Textinput from Websites have ' instance252' ! I can't say instance252.text=instance252.text + 'test';


      For a simple Test :


      One Button with taste 'a'.


      i will, when i click on a Webside Textinput field (Google, Ebay, Amazone, etc.) an i press the taste 'a' then the Textiput set 'a'. But How ??


      Sorry for my terrible english, but i think the problem is understanding, or not ?


      Greets from Munic ...