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    Where In The World Is Waldo?  ==>Map Progression Techniques

    mystreba Level 1

      I'm using PE4.0.  Does anyone know of a feature or other software that will enable me to create a video progression of travel across a map? You've seen it before - often in older movies. A map is presented, and the progression of travel is represented either with an animated icon (airplane, for example), or a progressive red line, or something similar. I'd like to incorporate this concept into a video I'm producing.


      I thought of a cheap method - curious if anyone's tried it. I'll start with two identical copies of the same printed map. On one, I'll draw a red line to represent the route of travel. Then, using a stationary mounted camera over a frame to align the maps, I'll take identical digital photos of the two maps - one without the red line (0) , and one with the red line (1). I'll load map(0) onto video track 1, and map(1) onto video track 2. With track 1 visible, I'll use the standard "wipe" effect to introduce track 2. This should give the appearance of a red line running across the map. I can play with the "wipe" parameters to speed up or slow down the progression.


      Any thoughts?