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    Pure Actionscript for Adobe Air 1.5.x - I want to know without mxml...

    Jens Eckervogt Level 1

      Hello guys,


      I want to learn about advancad programming because i want to know for intelligent like you good workers...


      Question 1:

      How does my application create new config file and write config file?

      - Save currect language! like you life in US. I life in Germany

      - Save currect setting by my application - example Style for your favorite color or currect setting: function for splash or without splash...

      - Save cuurect file type like your file was created by Adobe Fireworks CS3 = *.png or any application OpenOffice: file was created by OpenOffice - Wrie...

      - Save for backup files: If you want to restore your applications - same that application happens...


      Question 2:

      How do i know problems of events?

      - If i see currect event but compiler says error. Why does compiler show same error from Flex SDK/ Fledx Builder 3.0x?


      Question 3:

      Can i build my application with new trial version or bussnis version? Or without bussnis mode?


      Question 4:

      Can i work only complete as files into new application for Adobe Air?

      It is too heavy? I do not have panic of action scripts. I know about AS3 okay. But i have forgotten same latast times. :(  I want to save example or important codes of AS3 into my head / brain.


      Now can you same example for non-mxml programming?


      Thank you best regards, SnakeMedia