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    PDF opens at 64.8% viewing size and is low resolution. Need Help!


      Hi Everyone,


      I am new here and I need help on my Adobe Reader 9.

      All the PDF files that I receive or download opens at a viewing size of 64.8%.

      I often change this to 100% for convenient viewing/reading.

      The resolution seems low. The fonts seem to pixelize a little bit.

      I use PrimoPDF and CutePDF for converting but I have Adobe Reaader 9 to open the PDF files

      My office computer which has a lower monitor resolution shows clear and very readable PDF files.

      However, when I send these same files and open them here in my laptop, there is a very distinct difference in the quality of the resolution.

      At first I was thinking maybe something is wrong with my graphics card but then the videos looks fine and so are the other files.

      The only thing that is different is the quality of the PDF files when they are opened in this laptop.

      Here are the screenshots comparison from my office PC and my laptop:  http://pastorizo.com/pdfimages/


      This has never been a problem in my laptop before and I was wondering if someone here can tell me which setting I need to tweak to fix this problem.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this cry for help.