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    i want a help about flash catalyst and dreamweaver


      hi guys

      i finished now my animation in flash catalyst and i wanted to insert this file in dreamwever and after put on the server ,but i have two folders

      1- run - to - local

      2-deploy to web

      i don't know how i can do i thought it was the same like a swf of adobe flash cs4.

      i don't have any idea.

      to insert it in my html ( dreamweaver)

      please i want a help

      thanks foe everything


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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Being that Flash Catalyst is not a final release I would highly recommend posting this topic in the Adobe Labs forums because it might not be something you are doing and it could be a bug and usually Adobe checks the labs forums:




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            Tvoliter Adobe Employee

            The content in the "deploy to web" folder is what you want to put on your server. The security settings on this swf are set for the content to be hosted on a server.


            The reason there are two folders when you publish is related to security in the Flash Player. The Flash Player can either access the network or files on the local disk, but not both. Each swf can specify which one it wants. Since Catalyst beta 1 doesn't yet have a dialog of preferences when you publish, Catalyst publishes a folder with each security setting so you get both. The "deploy to web" is for publishing to a web server. The "run local" is for testing on your local hard disk.