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    Multiple window menus

    terry lee martin Level 1

      Please forgive me. I am a bit embarrassed to even mention Microsoft Movie Maker on this forum, because after using Premiere 6.0 for many years, and now very recently acquireing Premiere Pro CS4, The Microsoft program just feels so clunky and it feels like a very poorly made product, but it has one thing, and only one thing that I liked about it. When you created a menu for your DVD, the menu background had, I think 6 or it was possibly 9 rectangular sections. When you put the DVD into your player, the first thing you saw was this menu. Each of those sections played a different portion of the video on the DVD you had created while it waited for you to hit the play button. So you had 6 or 9 windows giving you a preview of what is on the DVD. I thought that was a clever idea.


      Does anyone know how to do something like that with Premiere Pro CS4?  Is there a Menu template that I don’t know about right now perhaps?