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    Please explain this transcribe feature...

    Alex DeJesus Level 1

      I recently upgraded to CS4 and playing with some of the new features. I need to do a voiceover and thought the transcriber would be a real time saver, but the metadata output is completely unintelligible. Tried a source file in both AVI and PMEG 2 HDV with good quality audio. Premiere and Soundbooth gave the same result. Here's a sample of a clip - cosmetics commercial:


          "the name thousand four on the knee the whole day on Tuesday will the light of the lead J just continually you've just been showing you mean to say yes to the natural alternatives tonight the intelligence community will make and it keeps your skin healthy own names on it Michael Dell is mineral make a good season and missed and beautiful color combinations in a climate of minerals and pick things up quite easily and went incredibly well Mike Allen in their only consistent on that show how the US which are made of one hundred percent sure my kids and animals and his chances for keeping the most sensitive skin we like umbrellas and mineral makeup products are very simple to use and putting them on and take only a few minutes the foundation is very easy to use it takes only three starts continued that can fly only a small amount of the foundation keep your face day dawns the Brewers and Giants"


      Total gibberish. I transcribed with the slower setting for more accuracy. What is being done to fix this?


      I attached the whole transcript. Pretty funny