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    I have a huge problem with after effects, someone please help me out!


      I have read almost every single thread around about blurry text, and I've tried everything and still can't figure it out.


      I'm editing a title sequence in After Effects. I have an 18 second clip with text over it. I am trying to export the text as a quicktime, then place it on my time line in Final Cut. But when I import the file into Final Cut, it's blurry as all hell. I've tried placing the clip on a DVD and watching it on a NTSC monitor, but still no progress, it just remains blurry. I've been stuck on this for about 3 weeks now and I need it done in a week. Please if there is any advice or steps I'm either doing wrong or not including, please help me out here, because at this point in time I'm desperate.


      If this helps here's all my setting:


      My After Effects composition settingL

      NTSC DV

      Width: 720 px

      Height: 480 px

      Lock Aspect Ratio: 3:2 (1:50)

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: D1/DV NTSC (0.91)

      Frame Aspect Ratio: 15:11 1:36


      My export setting in After Effects thus farL

      DV/DVC PRO

      Frame Rate: 29.97

      Quality: Highest

      Scan Mode: Interlaced

      Aspect Ratio: 4:3


      My format in Final Cut Express:




      Please give me the easiest way to solve this problem =]


      Thanks so much,