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    Table of contents in the pdf documentation

    Boggym Level 1
      Hi folks,
      It is me again, hehe.
      I tried to do a pdf printed documentation for an already existing RoboHelp project, and the points in the TOC are totally weird. Weird in what sense? I have the major points of the content mentioned briefly, or not at all, though they are in the normal TOC, however the topic "Licence agreement" is detailed point by point, and I do not need that.
      My question is, does anybody know where the content of the TOC in the pdf printed documentation could be configured?
      Everything now is working nice and dandy besides that small thing, and I would like to have it straightened out.
      Thank you guys,
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          Boggym Level 1
          I think it is a bug, because when I did the documentation as .doc and as .pdf the pdf file is, from the TOC point of view, totally different, compared to the one I got originally when I created the documentation just as .pdf.
          It gives more detail about the other topics from the help file that should have been also mentioned in the TOC.
          Creating the documentation as .doc gives also the possibility to change the table of contents in the document and then export the file as pdf.
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
            I would like to see what you mean as I can't see how the PDF can be any different to the DOC as it is effectively a print of the DOC.

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              Boggym Level 1
              This is what I also thought, however whenever I was trying to do the documentation in pdf, I was getting a short TOC with an overemphasis on the licence agreement, which I do not remember asking for.
              I tried to find where I could control that, and I did not find anything, so I posted this issue in the forum waiting for someone to give me some hints.
              As I was experimenting further more, I thought about the .doc where I can modify the TOC easily as I have the Office installed on my system.
              As I was trying that, I forgot to remove the checkmark from the "create pdf" and I got both the doc as well as the pdf documentations. To my surprise I found out that both documents, being identical in content, were showing more in the TOC as my previous pdf was, though I did not change anything in the settings, because I did not find anything to change.
              So, I opted for creating the doc, modify the TOC (it still has an overemphasis on the licence agreement, however I have enough emphasis on the other topics now), and export the doc to pdf.
              That would be the whole story.