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    Processing more barcodes




      I have more barcodes on one page. My process scans the page correctly but the ordering of the barcodes in the list is different.


      I need a method to assign every element of the list to a special xml variable with a xsd schema. So I have to know what barcode is scan in which element of the list that the assignment is successful.


      The next steps in the process should be a jdbc component with xpath to insert the data of a one barcode in the db table which belongs to the barcode.


      I don't find anything in the workbench to do this.Is there any possibility for this xml problem?




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          leesutton Level 3

          When you encode data into the barcode you have the option to include the "label".  In Designer, go to the properties of your barcode and uncheck the "Generate Label Automatically" check-box and enter a meaningful name for the barcode.  Then go to the "Value" tab and select the Delimited format (do not use XML) and check the "Include Field Names" and "Include Label" check-boxes.  Once you decode the data and then use the delimited to XML service you will have a list of XML documents each containing a "label" element that will identify which barcode the data is coming from on your form.