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      I have been looking all over for an answer on this. I have a simple flex video player app embedded in a website. The flex app needs to load a video off of a network drive available to the user (\\network-drive-name\Videos\video.flv). I tried setting the -use-network flag when I compile, but I'm always in the remote sandbox, and flex fails to load the video. Is this possible to do?

      Thanks for any help.
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          I think you may need to have the user select the video file, and then upload it to the server, then download it to your Flex app for display.
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            ericc59 Level 1
            Thanks for your reply.

            The website is an intranet video training prototype. The videos are stored on a network drive or on the local hard drive. Right now they are wmv's being embedded with windows media player 10. This is working -- but it's ugly and not very flexible.. so I have converted them to flv and I am trying to display them with flash/flex for a smoother experience.

            I am trying to load them directly to the flex app by passing the path to the video on the local network drive as a flashvar in the embed but can't seem to get it to load.

            Streaming the videos off the site or with a flash media server is not an option right now.
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              Gregory Lafrance Level 6
              In this case I would use AIR.