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    synchronizing databases and Flex products




      I have a project that I'd like to know if its possible to do using Flex/Coldfusion/Air.  It would involve synchronizing two databases -  the website database (MySQL, on a shared web host) and the client's database (which I'm guessing will have to be Air's in built SQLite) .


      The website contains a database of members, who update their details online.  I want my client to be able to use and change this data on their computer (sometimes while offline), and keep the databases in synch both ways.


      It would be an opportunity for me to learn Flex, which I've wanted a reason to do for years, but I'm confused about data services and what Flex product I would need to have access to.  I can only use shared hosting, so i think this will prevent me being able to use the LCDS ES that Adobe is currently advertising as a solution for handling data synchronization.  I'm also confused by the name changes and pricing structures of Adobe products and what is free (i.e. would be included with typical Coldfusion shared hosting) and what isn't.   The shared hosting I currently use for my websites are Coldfusion MX 6 as well as Coldfusion 8.  I thought the latter would include LCDS but the host says it doesn't.


      If the data synching capabilities of LCDS/FDS is out of my reach due to shared hosting and low budget, what method then is the best way to go about this? Is there a sample, article or tutorial that addresses this? I couldn't find anything on this Adobe site that doesn't rely on the Data Services for data synching.




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          sri harsha namala Level 2


                   I couldn't Understood compleately what's u r Requirement  But according to my understanding u will be having 2 DataBases one in the webhost and other at the Client PC, So Whatever is updated at the WebHost u want to update it in the Client Side.

                   If the above one is Correct my Suggestion is to do in the following way

          •    From the Client PC access the webhost DataBase,.
          •    In the webhosted DataBase maintain some column like updated Time or some thing like that and then update the data in the Client PC.


          If my idea is wrong please let me know

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            Gregory Lafrance Level 6

            You can use Flex/AIR and connect to both databases using whatever backend technology works for you, ColdFusion, PHP, Java, etc.


            You just use the Flex HTTPService, WebService, and RemoteObject components to transfer data between the databases and your Flex app.


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